Our water is life

Water in its purest form does not only taste amazing but is also the life elixir of our body and at the same time fulfils various vital tasks. Yet not every water is good water. Water in its natural form, pure and energetically enhanced, makes the most thorough contribution to our well-being.


rediscovering water in its purest form


reprocessing every molecule with the power of nature


no more excuses for annoying hauling of boxes


tireless ingenuity paired with a strong team


continuous training and development in focus

Water – taken for granted? We say no!

What does water need to be? Why is it our elixir of life? What is the quality of my drinking water? What are limit values what do they tell us? Is mineral water the better alternative? The more you want to find out about this molecule, the more unique it looks. It is time to think about it! We created individual solutions so that you – no matter where you tap it – can taste, experience, enjoy, and use high-quality water again. However, our company is not only about the products but also about well-trained advisors, fitters ready at any time, and the motivated back office which all complete the sum of the product experience.

Water should once again come into households’ consciousness as a base of a healthy, vital, and energetic life.


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Find your place in the WATER WORLD

Flexibility, independence, initiative while still having a partner at your side who can assist you with any question? No problem with H. Preiss International. As one of our water ambassadors you decide for yourself when and how much you want to work! You sell innovative products and have informative discussions with customers.

Water treatment has many facets – we find the right solution!

Whether it may be filtering, softening, remineralising, enriching or vitalising with free hydrogen – our products are versatile. We are always one step ahead when it comes to new ideas and developments.


office & business



legionellae stop

To concentrate on the essentials pays off!

What happens when drink, use, offer, and process clean, energetically high-quality water once again?

“It tastes different. It simply tastes like drinking from the mountain lake or the spring while hiking or at the training camp in Sankt Moritz. I don’t use up the oxygen and my muscles don’t get tired as fast, and my ability to concentrate has got a little better.”

Annekatrin Thiele, Olympic champion

“When talking about water and water filters, you can hit resistance. To be honest, roughly a year ago and before dealing with the topic I never could have imagined treating my water. But I can only recommend informing yourself, taking your time and thinking about it. It is going to help many; it is also highly recommended in terms of health.”

Julian Schütter, Ski racer

“It’s my honest recommendation to have an expert show you the topic of water without any commitments. We analyse everything, we analyse our sport results, we go to a doctor and have them analyse us, but when it comes to nutrition and water too little is done.”

Biochi Bistro, organic cooking school, organic bistro & café

“You regenerate faster; especially after a very intense training unit you simply feel fit again faster. You notice it in food preparation as well, the aroma of foodstuff alone is something completely different when I clean it with the water.”

Tina Rupprecht, professional boxer

“Our latest project is to better care for plants in the water and have therefore integrated a water activator: I’m usually rather skeptical, but the result convinced me! (…) You can see it in the root pattern, the plant is more animated and vital!”

Gartenbau Klein, market garden in Middle Franconia

“We have already decided on a water activator years ago. (…) We are very happy with this decision because much has gotten easier. On one hand, the drinking quality of water is very good, it tastes natural (…) and the devices are hardly ever broken as well. Much is easier to clean.”

Herzkinder Association, Austria