10 reasons for clean & vital water

An adult should drink roughly two to three liters of water per day. Only this way, the body can function perfectly because the water regulates all important processes in the body. Additionally, the life elixir has many more positive effects. We will show you 10 reasons to drink more water:

Clean water as an investment in your health

As prevention is more fun. A balanced lifestyle plays an important role in our health. It is thus crucial how we eat and if we move sufficiently. But it is also important what and how much we drink. In our society, we rarely think about this decisive variable for our health. Therefore, we see the need for educating, as drinking in a healthy manner strengthens the well-being and prevents damage caused by harmful substances and dehydration.

Filtering water us more ecological than buying water bottles

Before the box of mineral water gets to your home, the bottles first have to be filled and transported – under intense efforts of the bottler. By filtering the water yourself, however, you are making a major contribution to protecting our environment: less plastic waste, less fuel, less water used for cleaning returnable bottles, etc.

It tastes better and is a better flavor carrier

Whether you enjoy the water pure or use it for preparing drinks and food – it simply tastes better. While enjoying coffee or tea, the taste comes into full effect, all flavors and vitamins in fresh vegetables are preserved better, and pasta or rice smells wonderful and tastes excellent.

If you do not filter your water, your body has to do it

Polluted water prevents the excretion via the kidneys. Anything that cannot be excreted stays as slag in connective tissue (cellulite). In intercellular tissue, and in the joints (arthrosis/arthritis). According to the latest medical knowledge, water should be as pure, free of harmful substances, and low in minerals as possible.

It is a very long way from the waterworks to your tap

Our tap water is treated at the waterworks and controlled according to applicable regulations, but it does not always reach your home in the same state. This is due to the oftentimes kilometer long and outdated piping systems, and perhaps old house pipes.

Pure water saves detergent and a perfect cleaning product

Not only are there no more lime deposits to be found in your kettle or coffee machine which means that use of decalcifying agents and strong cleaners are a thing of the past, but cleaning windows with pure water is child’s play.

Pollutants and foreign substances have no place in water

Water is our number one food and pollutants, and foreign substances have no place in it. The following should therefore always apply:  the less unnatural ingredients are contained in water, the better. According to the French researcher Prof. Louise Claude Vincent, there is a strong correlation between disease rates and drinking water quality. A biologically healthy water is low in pollutants and minerals, slightly acidic, and has a low microsiemens value.

Filtering water saves time & money

The human organism needs – depending on sex, age, and weight – two to three liters of fluid per day, preferably in the form of water. With a large family, a high demand for bottles arises. They have to be bought, hauled, stowed away, and eventually brought back again. All of this costs time and money. By filtering your own water, however, you are always going to have drinking water – as much as you want and without effort.

Animals and plants want pure water

While plants show a “normal” growth with tap and mineral water, the root density increases by around 60% in plants with pure and vital water. Try it yourself! Buy a bouquet of flowers and divide it into three vases; one is watered with mineral water, one with tap water, and one with our premium water. The result is definite. In tests with animals it was found that pets prefer our water to tap and mineral water. This was also confirmed by many pet owners.

Pure water against pesky weight

Drinking pure water makes losing weight easier! Enjoying pure water is a good aid against weight problems because the organism can burn around 50 calories more with every liter of pure water, without any compensation. Pure water also carries waste products out of body faster.