This basic principle drives us forward!

In order to meet the various demands and loads, a comprehensive and multi-stage technology is required. Therefore, we have decided to use membrane technology. Depending on the origin, the water contains more or less dissolved substances, such as heavy metals, uranium, nitrate, hormones, rust, germs, etc…

In places where the water is not as pure, our technology comes into play.

In a natural water cycle, water evaporates, rises, and returns to earth as rain. The rain seeps into the earth and accumulates in underground water veins. Not a drop of water is lost. Thus, a natural purification and energization process takes place in nature. And this water emerges as spring water from a natural spring. Unfortunately, today, due to our growing industrial society, access to water from artesian springs is no longer that easy.

That is why checking drinking water is an important task; water can contain up to 2,000 different substances and materials. According to the German Drinking Water Ordinance, only very few substances have to be checked for defined limit values. In the case of mineral water, even fewer. Critical pollution, such as pharmaceutical residues, pollution from agriculture, stagnant water, or germs and bacteria, are often given too little attention. Medicines and hormones in particular will become an important issue in our increasingly older society in the future.

We have developed equipment and techniques that make it possible to modify water so that it regains its original spring water quality. Therefore, our goal is to provide everyone with access to pure water in order to offer more quality of life, enjoyment and benefits. Educational work plays a central role in this. Despite all the environmental scandals and pollution, our society still gives too little thought to our daily drinking water.

Osmosis – a natural principle

Osmosis is based on a natural process. It takes place in nature, for example when plants draw water from the soil, or in human cells when substances are exchanged across the cell membrane.

If two liquids of different concentrations are separated by a membrane, osmotic pressure is created. The water molecule then basically moves from the higher to the less concentrated solution.

Derived from this – the membrane technology

In membrane technology, the osmosis principle described above is reversed. Pressure is generated on the side with the untreated water (higher concentration), which causes the water to migrate through the semipermeable membrane to the other side (lower concentration). The undesirable solutes are left behind because of their size. These are flushed away again with the wastewater.

This membrane technology was developed by NASA and is used in various areas where pure water is required. In addition to seawater desalination and dialysis (medicine), this technology is also steadily gaining importance in private households for drinking water treatment.

The membrane is the core element of water treatment.

The quality of the membrane is of great importance. To meet the quality requirements, we use particularly high-quality membranes. To protect the high-quality membranes, there are various filter and finishing stages that are adapted to the customer according to individual requirements.

Membrane technology is a very effective method of drinking water treatment, up to 99% of all substances in the water can be removed this way.